Tony’s Biography

Tony started his career at a young age as a chef and has worked in different pubs and restaurants throughout Bristol to gain different experiences and knowledge of varied eateries, quickly worked his way up through the ranks and the knowledge and experience he has found extremely beneficial to his role within the butchery trade.

Tony joined the butchery trade in 2009, he has proved to be an asset and has since progressed to Operations Director for Trent’s Traditional Meats.

His role is to oversee the day to day running of the shops, and to maintain the high standards that our customers expect, whether this is for retail or restaurants/pubs. Along with this Tony carries out the necessary staff training to ensure not only do we meet with legislation but we exceed it. Also by involving his teams in the running of the shops and encouraging them to provide input into how we can improve the business and customer satisfaction for the future.

Tony also holds the role of quality control and will look at the products coming in, if Tony feels that it does not meet with the requirements of our customer, it will not be sent.

Tony has a approachable way about him and is highly thought of by both the teams and the customer, a relationship in which Tony has worked hard at and strives only to improve.