Tim’s Biography

Tim started in the meat trade back some 30 years ago.

He started as a Saturday boy but quickly became one of the team full time and qualified as a fully qualified Butcher by the age of 17.

Tim has worked from Slaughter House – boning halls – wholesale – Retail – Catering and becoming a manager of shops at a very young age. Between this Tim gained Qualifications with in food safety of C.I.E.H Certified food safety, (Charted Institute Environment Health) C.I.E.H Group Trainer, H.A.C.C.P Certified (hazard Analyses Critical Points).

Risk Assessor Certified, and Auditor Certified in food safety and procedures. and has much knowledge of setting up full food safety systems for major company.

Also gained B.R.C (British Retail Consultancy) Gold award in food safety 4 years in a row.

Tim started his own business in 2008 which has been extremely successful.

In 2014 Tim married Cindy to which they decided they wanted to start a joint venture and to purchase, manage and rejuvenate the “local Butcher’s experience”.

In early 2015, Tim and his wife purchased their first joint shop and invested time and money into making the local shop visit a pleasant experience.

This has been successful and proved to be what was required by the local community.

Tim and his wife then purchased a 2nd shop in October 2015 and introduced the same experience which again is proving to be a success.

Tim and his wife’s ambition is to provide the pleasant experience when shopping in one of their premises ensuring, value for money, excellent customer services and locally produced meats.

Our staff are very knowledgeable and always happy to assist in any way as is Tim.

Tim and his wife are looking to the future and what works for the local shop ensuring that the customer has the best shopping experience and feel they have walked out with no questions unanswered and that they have received excellent service and best value for money whilst supporting their local amenities.

Tim’s philosophy is “Move over Supermarkets here comes Trent’s Traditional Meats Ltd we are bringing back the local Butchers to communities and we will created the ultimate experience for our customers.