Cindy’s Biography

Cindy’s background is in Customer services and strives to provide the ultimate product and service.

Cindy started being customer facing when she was just 16, her progression was quick throughout her career due to her ability to observe, listen and provide what the customer required.

Over the years Cindy has gained I.O.S.H. (Industry of Occupational Safety and health) Certified and also food safety qualifications and food Allergies qualification and training.

Cindy at times is even on the front line sleeves rolled up and gets stuck in from cutting & packing meat, answering phones and also even delivering products to customers – no job to small.

Cindy says Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

In 2014 Cindy married Tim and after a short time realised they want the same goal, “to provide the ultimate customer experience” and started a business plan. They purchased their first shop in early 2015 in Weston which was extremely successful and what was required by the local residents.

In October 2015 Cindy and Tim Purchased another Business in Swindon that is extremely successful and what was required by the local residents.

Cindy has managed to retain the customers by taking into account the whole eating experience.

Cindy is a keen cook and loves to entertain family and friends, the only way she can ensure that the products that Trent’s are supplying is to serve it herself to those that she loves, a critical bunch but we listen.

Cindy’s philosophy is “we are looking to purchase future shops but we will only enter this purchase when we have created the ultimate experience for our customers